Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Its time for my annual year in review for the blog :)

I have done this for several years now, and you can see 2010 here, 2009 here and 2008 here. Its so crazy how fast time is flying by us.  It makes me desperate to enjoy every second with my family because I know I'm gonna blink and the kids will be grown and I will be wishing I had taken more time.  That's my only real resolution this year, to spend more time with my family--less time working and trying hard not to take on a lot of extra projects that keep me away from my family.

Okay, so here's 2011 :)

In January I set out to do Project 365 (a photo a day), I had BIG plans for this project, and enjoyed it tremendously, I even set out to do layouts of each week, that I intended to bind into a nice book at the end of the year.  It went great through May 31st.  Then I fell off the wagon and didn't keep it up.  I took on too much last year and it kept me from doing some things I wanted to, this was one of those things.  I'm still considering which project I'm gonna try this year, but I think I will attempt a photo project of some sort.  Hopefully I will do better this year!

In February we got LOTS of snow days and we saw a record amount of snow in NWA.  It was crazy and fun!! Although, I'm hoping for less snow days this year!!

In March, the hubs turned 30 and we celebrated with a fun party with our family and friends!

In April, Jordan played her first sport--SOCCER.  It was a BLAST to watch her!!

In May, we enjoyed Spring with LOTS of bike riding!!

In June, we went on a fun camping trip with some of our friends.  It was hot, so we spent a lot of time in the pool, but we had a blast and look forward to LOTS more camping trips this year!

In July, we got $10 tix to White Water and took a day trip there and had a blast with the kiddos!!

In August, Jordan started Pre-K at my school! I can't believe that she'll start KINDERGARTEN this year...seriously insane I tell you!! She is LOVING school though!!  So thankful!

In September, we had our 2nd year of Square Dancing and the kids did great and had a blast!! We can't wait for this year!

In October, my babies turned 3 & 5. We had a fun swim party with some of our friends!

In November, Grandma got to come eat Thanksgiving lunch with Jordan at school.  Since Jordan started school, she misses her days with Grandma tremendously.  When we're on a break at school, the first thing she does is set up a sleep over with Grandma!

And lastly, in December, we enjoyed lots of sweet time with our family for the Holiday.  We have had a great year and we hope you have too!!

We are looking forward to everything that is in store for us in 2012.  BJ will finish his Junior year this Spring and begin Student teaching in the Fall and he can't wait!  We are looking forward to lots more family time and swimming and camping this Spring and Summer--its gonna be a great year!!

May God Bless you and your families this year & always!!

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