Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silver Dollar City

We were blessed again this year, due to our amazing friends, with free passes to SDC and we had a blast!

I didn't take nearly the pictures that I took last year, but we had fun.  We went with our neighbor friends and the kids had the best time riding rides.

Last year we spent more time at shows because Hayden was pretty little for rides & J wasn't that interested in them....but this year that's all they wanted to do, so that's what we did :)

Hayden is hard to see, but he is there next to daddy!

Posing for mama, she didn't want to ride the swings.

She did want to ride the elephants and had a blast!

Our friends Brook & Aaron

Brylei Bear :)

flying high on the elephants!

Hayden took a turn!

Okay, so J is not super adventurous, Hayden is our thrill seeker. But J wanted tor ride this--I think because her friend Brylei was going to, and she actually got on!! I had bets she would chicken out, but she didn't, she rode it and she had a blast!  She is in the rear car.

I absolutely LOVE that I caught this shot....look at that face! HaHa!!!

and last but not least, the teacups!!

We had another fun time at SDC and we hope to go back in the Spring when the weather allows us to spend more time riding rides...our kids are at such a fun age for that now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve!!

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