Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Photo Project & {New Years}

I've really debated again and again over if and what photo project I wanted to commit to for this year. I toyed with attempting another Project 365 (even tho I failed last years).  I also considered doing a P52 (a photo a week), or a "Month at a Glance" project where I do a layout using photos from each month.

I've finally decided to do none of these---mostly because I'm pretty sure I don't have time to do what I really want to do with any of them, and I know there will be days or weeks or months when I'm busier than usual and things fall behind and I don't want the stress of that.

So, instead, I'm just gonna committ to blog more regularly, this is the best record I have anyway, so I'm just going to be more intentional about photographing our life and blogging about it. 

One day this blog will be a series of printed books--which is the same thing I'd do with any photo project I did, so this is just the easiest, lowest pressure method and I'm going with it!

For New Years Eve we went to a get together at an old friend of mine's house.  There were a few families there and pretty much everyone had kids so we had lots of kid friendly activities for them to keep busy & have fun.  They put a black light in the garage (dark) and taped white butcher paper to the floor and gave the kids a bunch of bright colored highlights and let them draw--they had so much fun!!  They also got to decorate cookies & cupcakes!

Geneva also made a really fun photo backdrop for couples/families to take photos--I love they turned out.

Me & Geneva (or Joneena as H calls her)

The girls...Geneva, Holly & Me, friends since HS!

Our cute family :)

love this boy

I made him kiss me on camera! Haha! :)

Our good friends the Tomlinsons :)

Just before midnight, we put H in his jammies so he could fall asleep on the way home...both kids did great and made it to midnight--they had a blast playing with the other kids!

Here is to having a more updated blog :) Happy 2012!

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Jessica said...

"Joneena" did a great job on the backdrop- very pretty! : )