Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with the Foshes

We had another wonderful Christmas this year!  We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends, I just can't say this enough. 

The kids had a very memorable Christmas this year and got everything they wanted (spoiled!).  The grandparents were generous as usual and we enjoyed LOTS of extended time with our families.

On Christmas Eve we spent the day and evening at Nana & Grandads.

Jordan & Nana made chocolate covered pretzels and Jordan had a blast!!!

she has really been into wearing her makeup lately, check out her eye shadow :)

busy at work

SO Handsome!

The kids also enjoyed spending some extra time with their Uncle Kyle....they adore him.

Present time :)

Hayden snagged Nana's ipad and started watching a movie (all on his own) the boy is smart!

We had Christmas morning at our house.....the kids couldn't wait to see what Santa brought.  Jordan wanted an "eating, pooping, drinking baby doll" & a Jesse Doll, Hayden wanted a Buzz & Woody doll.  Santa delivered half of each of their wishes.....Jordan was desperate to have the baby doll, but we knew Grandma had gotten it.  We thought she'd be so disappointed when it wasn't there, but she was really okay about it...we were very proud of her. She was happy with her Jesse doll and Hayden was elated with his Woody doll.

checking out the goods :)

making sure Santa drank his milk and ate his cookies!

emptying the stockings

so excited!

this little stocking stuffer may have made him the happiest, ha!

best friends!

haha :)

 She is just a tad obsessed with Justin Bieber :)

And this little boy LOVES angry birds, its quite comical his love for them actually :)

She could only be this excited about a Justin Bieber TOOTHBRUSH!

She has been asking for a pillow pet for MONTHS....she knew we got Hayden one because it was going to be from her...before Christmas she never asked about her getting one, but after Hayden opened his pillow pet she goes "why did Hayden get a pillow pet and I didn't?" I said, well, because you got other stuff.  She then opened hers and was excited!  She has slept with it every night since and lays on it to watch TV...she wasn't kidding when she said she wanted one!

They got these little super hero sets in their stockings.....they want to tie blankets and towels around their necks all the time to play super heros and when I saw these at Walmart for a few bucks, I knew they had to have them....they have gotten a lot of play out of them already!

After we cleaned up the mess at our house (ok, we really didn't clean it up, we left it), we headed over to Mema& Papa's to have Christmas with BJ's family.  We made Jordan wait long enough and then we let her open her "eating, pooping, drinking baby doll" and she was beside herself!!

Hayden got some great stuff too!

This golf game is probably his favorite, he hasn't stopped playing it....literally. He tried to sleep with it the other night, ha!

He also got this pretty sweet bowling game that has been enjoyed by all!!

We had a great Christmas, the presents were fun, but what we enjoyed most was the time we spent with our families.  I hope you all got to spend time with those you love this Holiday Season.

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Jessica said...

Loved all the pictures! Glad the kids had a fun Christmas- but I agree, it is spending family time together that is the best! : )