Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tis the Season

You can tell I'm on a break from work with the influx of blogging, ha!

Thanksgiving break is dwindling down and it has been just wonderful.  I've really enjoyed having the week at home with my entire family.  BJ has been on a break from school as well so we've had lots of family time.

You can tell we've played hard just by looking at my messy house! I've tried to work as little as possible through the break and I think I've succeeded! :)

I haven't really written much about what has been going on in our lives, just been updating with photos, which is what I do best, but I feel like I should give a more complete update while I can.

Jordan is really starting to enjoy school.  It was a rough start, to say the least, but I think she's finally adjusted.  I under estimated what a transition it would be for her.  I honestly thought she'd just love it and there wouldn't be any issues.  I was dead wrong.  I knew that it would be much different than spending her day with her grandma, but she is so eager to learn and loves being around other children and I really thought she would be a natural.  And she is now, but it was rough for the first several weeks of school, there were lots of tears, on both our parts.

In a way, I think having her at my school has been more difficult on her, because she knows I'm nearby.  She still acts a little hesitant when I leave her in the mornings and there are days when I get there to pick her up that she is watching for me and waiting, but those are fewer than they were.  She has slowly adjusted and I think she finally really loves school.  Of course, we'll see how Monday goes after being gone from school for a week ;)

Hayden is loving his grandma time and is just the same joy he always is.  I am constantly bragging on how sweet he is.  He definetely got his sweet nature and disposition from his daddy.  He's a very loving compasionate little boy.

BJ is really thriving in school this semester.  He began his final two years this Fall, the 2 year intensive education program.  This semester has been very demanding.  He quit working to focus on his 16 hours of course work, including MANY observation hours in local elementary schools.  He works as a substitute teacher when his schedule allows him to, which is not often.

He will likely finish with all As and we're very proud of him.  He is really enjoying the classes and the group of students he is going through with.  He will be applying for his internship next week and he is beyond excited to be in the role of student teacher next year.

Its been incredibly difficult having him in school full time, but we know its neccessary and we know it will pay off very soon.  And, we have lots of help and support from our families...we'd never be able to do it without their help.

I'm still loving my job and I'm still learning a lot.  I work with a great group of people though and I'm excited to get up and go to work everyday--so thankful for that!

I'll leave you with some random photos of the kiddos :)

still so thankful for their friendship


love this face...he is so precious to me

he still loves to play with my phone....he cracks up at talking Ben :)

We made some Turkey Day crafts/coloring sheets while we were off this stuff!

her creations

Hayden wrote his name on the back of his Turkey

Hayden's hand & foot Turkey

Its been a great week and I hope you were surrounded with family this week as well!! Lots of Love!

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