Friday, November 25, 2011


Jordan drew this picture of a "karate girl" for one of her taekwondo instructors :)

pretty cute

Grandma got to come & have Thanksgiving lunch with Jordan at school & Jordan was elated!!!

Jordan got to ride in the parade for the lighting of the ozarks on the town square--she LOVES parades!

lining up

riding in the parade :)

Me & Hayden watching the parade---he loves parades too and waves at EVERYONE!

We had a great Thanksgiving with our family & are very thankful this year for all our blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

HaHa--Jordan and I tried something with her hair that I learned about on Pinterest---put little braids all over and the flat iron the braids for a quick crimp--it worked, kinda :)

We made a quick visit to the town square again to look at the lights, we'll visit many times before the end of the year--its one of our favorite things about our town!

They even got to ride the ponies--and they LOVED it!!

Christmas is in the air now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us and we're gearing up to put the tree up tomorrow :) Can't wait!!

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