Saturday, December 03, 2011

Decorating the Tree :)

I am not really into the Christmas spirit this year, so far, but we did drag out the tree and the decorations. I can always count on my husband to jump start that part of the Holidays...the man is a stickler for Christmas decorations.  He hung the lights on the house a couple days ago and he got out all the indoor decor last night.

I will say that one of my favorite parts of Christmas is having kids to watch experience the magic of it all.  Christmas is such a magical time for them. I love doing Christmas crafts, a gingerbread house, and decorating the tree with them.

This year they both really enjoyed decorating the tree--and I'm happy we have an "old school" tree with mis matched ornaments (all that are super important to us).  We get the kids an ornament each year, and we also get each other one, and my parents get the kids an ornament every year as well--so we have a nice collection going :)

Anyway, I decided to try out some new settings on the camera to capture the tree decorating and was pretty happy with the results.  The settings make the tree lights look SOO bright and magical :)

We had fun--enjoy.

and this one was my favorite from the night :)


Jessica said...

So, so fun! Mind sharing your ISO and F-stop settings? : ) I want to try it!

Johannah said...
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Johannah said...

I just stumbled across your blog tonight! I love these photos of your kids and the tree! I would also *LOVE* to know the settings you had on your camera, would love to capture a photo like this of my daughter! =)