Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jordan, J, J-Babe, Bear....

Those are all the names we call Jordan by--J, J-Babe, and I call her Bear a lot.  J just happened pretty naturally when she was a baby--then it was "Baby J" and then it became J....and at some point BJ started calling her J-Babe.  I started calling her Bear maybe sometime around the time she was 2 years old. 

We used to watch a LOT of little bear together and I started calling her my little bear and then the Bear part just sort of stuck.

She has a lot of nicknames, which I think is cute :)

Jordan will be FIVE years old in less than four months and that is pretty much unbelieveable to me.  FIVE?? Five whole years since I first became a mom--seems like she should still be a baby.

I know time will only go by faster, as it has every year since I became a mother. 

Jordan will be entering Pre-K in August, at MY SCHOOL!!!  We are all really excited that she gets to attend with me, she's super excited and I know she will just LOVE school.  Her one request was that she have a pink lunchbox...so I found the PERFECT lunch box and ordered it!

I know we'll be doing a lot more school shopping as August gets closer and I can't wait!  Its going to be so fun having her at my school!!

Jordan played soccer in the Spring but decided she does not want to play in the Fall and instead has requested to begin gymnastics again so we'll be looking at getting her back into that.

She's about to do her 2nd year of Square Dancing and we're really excited about that!!

She is just such a fun kid to be around--I swear she is 15 some days.  She is a very strong willed, intelligent child and sometimes I wonder what she'll grow up to become.

She has pretty consistantly told us she wants to be a "baby nurse" or a "baby doctor."  Recently she changed it to "baby doctor,"  because "the nurses have to give the shots to the babies and the doctors don't...and I don't want to give shots to babies because they cry." 

She LOVES LOVES LOVES babies, so I can TOTALLY she her doing this--but who knows :)

She's been saying some really comical things lately that I wanted to record---

One morning I was sitting at the table with her and Hayden and we were eating cereal...I looked at them and said "How did I make such pretty babies?"  Jordan replied and said "Uh.....YOU didn't...God did and Jesus helped."    I about died! She's so right though!!

One afternoon during Sonic's Happy Hour, we got the kids slushies.  Jordan decided to try the orange flavor for the first time....as she was drinking it she goes "this is SOOO good...its like a celebration floating around in my mouth! "  I again, about died, she is so funny!!

Jordan LOVES donuts, I mean, like LOVES them.  She is always wanting to go "get donuts" on the weekends, and we live about 20-30 min from the closest donut shop, so we rarely do this.  But a couple of weeks ago a new little place opened up in our town who does donuts in the mornings! Jordan was SOO excited and couldn't wait till Saturday when we could go!! She got a "pink" (Strawberry) donut and enjoyed it very much and now asks to go all the time!!

Last month, she asked me if I had Justin Bieber's phone number, so she could call him! (she's really 15 I tell ya!)

She is a mess, and I love every piece of her!!

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