Thursday, June 23, 2011

Having a Blast!

We are having a BLAST this summer!! Today was my offical last day of work and I am PUMPED to get this summer partay started! ;-)

One night last week while hubs was at class the kids asked if we could go down and play in the creek---so I thought why not! Our pool was temporarily down, so they wanted to play in the water!

They had fun and I had fun watching them have fun--they are such a joy to me.  I'm pretty sure they'd both be happy to throw rocks in the water all day if I let them :)

We also went to a little pool party at one of our friends house a couple weeks ago to celebrate the end of the school year, it was fun and the kids had a blast!!! (but I did not take enough pictures, I was too busy talking! ha!)

The kids have been having a blast playing outside together--they get along most of the time ;)

This is just sort of random, but I snapped this picture of BJ and Hayden the other night...they were just having the best time talking to each other :)  He is SUCH a good daddy!!

We also got to babysit for a friend of ours recently, and Jordan was in baby heaven, the girl LOVES babies :)  This baby, was SUCH a good baby, she was a JOY to babysit!!

THEN we got to go see my little brother play baseball at BAUM Stadium--cool uh!!  He was playing "up" to the varsity team as a relief pitcher, it was fun to see him on that big field!  The kids had fun & they did great!!  They even made a new friend that they played with :)

We are just having so much fun this summer!!! Much more photos and fun to come :)  Hope you're having a blast too!! :-)

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Jessica said...

Fun post! I love the Baum pictures- what an exciting day!