Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes, we swim A LOT!

Its true, its something our whole family loves to do--my children adore the water and I'm so thankful for that!

Its the whole reason I took the plunge last year and bought my handy dandy water camera---that I still ADORE.  There are so many fun pictures of my kids and our family in the water that I would be missing if I didn't have it--its truly one of my most favorite purchases ever.

So, here are some MORE swimming pictures ;)

BJ is still facinated by the fact that the camera goes UNDER water ;)


he is such a good daddy to these kiddos!

he plays with them constantly!

love her.

the whole family!!! :-)



even I find the underwater pictures fun ;)

Yay for summer and swimming pools to keep us cool!! It got HOT really fast this summer!!  Hope you're all staying nice and cool!! Go swimming! ;)

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mustard seed said...

so fun! what kind of underwater camera do you have? I can see that being VERY entertaining!