Saturday, April 30, 2011


My prayers have been answered!! We FINALLY got this really neat Kids haircut place in our area!! I was SUPER pumped when I heard about it.

Hayden has always hated haircuts....and it has always been a struggle to get his haircut.  We always put it off and wait as long as possible, just because its so hard! And he never ends up with a great one, because of the fit he throws!

So when I heard we were getting one I couldn't wait to we went a couple Saturdays ago and Hayden did SOOOO great!!! He LOVED sitting in the was such a great experience!!

They have all kinds of things for the kids--while you wait, a train table....which H loved.

Also a shot of the back of his hair, and how badly he needed it cut!! :)

They have this great playroom.  I didn't get a picture of it, but the have TVs throughout the whole place playing kids movies.....when we were it was one of the Toy stuff!

I fell in LOVE with this....I am going to have a friend re-create it!! SOOO presh!!!

I should have taken pictures of the other "seats," but I didn't...they had about four things to choose from, Hayden choose the airplane.  Our lady said it is the most popular one for boys!

He did soooo good!!!!

He was watching the TV many things to keep them occupied while they are cutting!

Checking himself out in the mirror :)

Can't forget big Sis :)

posing after the haircut!! It looks so much better!!!

SUCH a big boy!! I swear he looks 10 in this picture!!!!

The place is called Pigtails & Crewcuts and if you had kids, I suggest you check them out!!!

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ashleydiggs said...

We LOVE Pigtails and Crewcuts....G calls it Ponytails and Haircuts!