Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trip to the Dentist :)

We have an AWESOME pediatric dental clinic in our area and it is the coolest thing ever!! 

Of course, lots of HOGS :)

Movie theatre!! HELLO--who cares how long your wait is when your kids can have all this fun!!

this is inside the movie theatre

They have a huge fish tank with all the fish from Finding Nemo in it...ALL of was pretty cool!!

this was back in the exam area--super fun stuff!

They really try to make the kids feel at home and very comfortable!! One the forms I filled out it asked if they had any nicknames, I put 'J' for Jordan and when they called us, they called for "J and Hayden."  It was neat!  Then they had this written on the board in their exam area---its the little things!!

Jordan did so great!!! They have a TV above them and they get to wear headphones to listen--she was watching Tangled!!

It took Hayden a minute, but once he realized he could watch TV, he did great!! Jordan was holding his hand, such a sweet sister!!!

Then Jordan had to get back up so they could look at something and Hayden held her hand!! They are SOO sweet to each other sometimes!!


The kids had a GREAT first dentist experience!! Hayden was cavity free and his name will be published in the newspaper for that!! Jordan wasn't so lucky and has a couple of cavities that we have to go back to have work done on in July....but if she doesn't have any new ones in July, she'll get her name in the paper too!

They had fun and I'm so glad we have started this early in their lives!

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Kara said...

Geez- I've just seen the outside of this place- but now that I've seen the inside pics I want to go there ha = )