Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping up...

I'm really struggling with keeping up with my "regular" blogging habits in addition to my Project 365--I get so wrapped up in getting that 1 picture and posting it everyday that I haven't been blogging other stuff.....but I'm working on it...I guess its like anything you start for the first time, takes practice to get good at it :)

Anyway, I've mentioned that because of the project, I'm taking a ton more pictures--which I want to blog too :)

So here's a few, showing what we've been up to lately...

Jordan LITERALLY changes her clothes SEVERAL times a day--just into random outfits she chooses...its really cute and funny to me, but it drives BJ CRAAAAZY!!!  He can't stand it!! LOL

& she loves to accessorize!

cutest thing ever!! They were laying watching videos on the flip these two!!

mama and my girl!

but she is a daddys girl at heart!

I LOVE this one, it was a STEEP competitor for my photo of the day this day...

they were cleaning....with wipes...silly kids!

awe!! my boys!


mamas boy!!


I'm IN LOVE with this shot!!

we had a date night!!

So yeah...we're just plugging right along over at the Foshe house...we got a great snow this week, so pictures of that to soon follow!!

Be Blessed!!

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Brittney said...

Brooklynn does the clothes thing too. She changes about 10 times every evening, and she has to pick out her outfit for school every morning. It's hard to keep up with all the laundry isn't it? :)