Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

Our town got a new chuck e. cheese last month---and it was MUCH needed!! The old one has been around since I was a kid....when it was was a long tmie coming! 

We rarely went there becuase it was small, old and a lot of the games wouldn't work when you did go....and I hated that the tables were far away from the games and things that the kids play was a weird layout.  Anyway, we hardly ever went. 

We were really excited about the new one....we knew the space that they were moving to was bigger and we had a feeling it would be better, and boy is it! The tables are right where the games and things are, so that was nice!

On our first snow day of the year, earlier this month, we headed over to check it out!! The place was basically deserted and we had the place pretty much to ourselves! Its a MUCH nicer facility and the games are super nice and fun!  We had a blast!!  However, BOTH my children are deathly afraid of any type of mascot, ESPECIALLY Chuck we have to steer clear of him when he comes out ;)

Here are some photos from our time there--that didn't make it into my photo of the day for project 365.

I felt like the new one had a lot more games for little people to play!

her favorite ride!!!

she is a cowgirl!

they are sooo freaking cute!!!

he sat on this thing forever and watched the TV...they were playing cartoons...

she is hiding from Chuck E here....she stayed up there until he went away...poor girl.
We had fun & can't wait to go back!

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Jessica said...

The picture of Jordan on the horse where she is making a, "Woah, boy!" face made me giggle out loud! : )