Monday, January 24, 2011


We got our first GOOD snow this year!!  I was out of town when it hit, and was scared I was going to have to delay coming on a day or so, but luckily I didn't!! 

We got TWO days off school and were super excited to play in it!!

we had a mini photo session--H wasn't feeling it!

then we got ready to play--H wasn't sure at first.

Im so in love with this.

me, looking real!

um....don't you guys know its COLD out here!

awesome sledding!!


Jordan's Turn!!

dedicated Grandma!!

she was eating snow constantly!!

cutest thing ever.

H would cover his eyes, so funny!!!

he decided to try eating some :)

As you can see, we had a blast!! Looking forward to more snow days!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow days!!!


Kim said...

Such cute pictures!! We have not gotten any snow this winter. I am a little jealous of you :)

The Treeces said...

Fabulous photos!