Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We were very blessed again this Christmas!! Our families are very good to us and our children!  We had a great time visiting with all our family this Christmas! We're fortunate to live nearby all our family and see them several times throughout the year.  With everyone having such busy lives, its not as often as I'd like, but I'm glad we don't have to hop a plane to see anyone!

We had our low key Christmas here at the house and then made our rounds to the family.  Overall, it was a great Christmas.  The kids got some great stuff.  Santa brought Hayden a train table and brought Jordan a REAL microphone (just what she asked Santa for) and both have been HUGE hits!

Jordan also got lots of artsy craftsy stuff and of course thats her obsession right now, so that's been great! She also got a couple of games which she also really loves. 

Our families were generous to BJ and I as well-we got many thoughtful gifts! Thank you all!!

opening presents at Aunt Lindas

thank you aunt Linda for our presents!

I especially love my ball!

a rare photo of me

awe, uncle Tony lovins!

the boys and their toys!

daddy reading the night before Christmas--on the Christmas Eve.

after Santa came

he got a Mickey in his stocking. the boy is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. its really cute.

checking out the train table!

she couldn't believe it!

loving on Mickey!

checking out his nose!

loves her some bling!

No, my children did not get a puppy for Christmas, ha! My mom got a new little puppy and when she came over for Christmas, she brought her--and the kids ATE HER UP...ESPECIALLY this cute boy!! He would not put her down!!
cutest picture ever!

more presents from G'ma D and G'ma Amy!

Jordan smothering cousin Elizabeth!

thats better :)

3 outta 4 ain't bad, ha!

sharing :)

dancing! :)

hiding :)

more hiding ;)
posing, they had so much fun playing together!! These girls are 1 day apart!!

We had another wonderful Christmas!!  We are wrapping up Christmas break this week.  It hasn't gone exactly as planned. H came down with a stomach bug on Sunday night--it was a very rough night--BJ and Jordan came down with it the following morning--ROUGH day....I was the only one unaffected.  J and BJ's was gone the next day but H's is still hanging on somewhat, we're hoping tonight was the last of it.  Hoping to get to enjoy the rest of our break! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful 2010! I know we did!

Here's to 2011!!!!

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Jessica said...

I love the pic of BJ and Tony- boys will be boys!