Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing with Hayden!

Most Thursday evenings, its just me and Hayden.

BJs league bowling is on Thursday night and Jordan usually goes with him--and I'm not going to lie, its one of my favorite nights.  One on one time with Hayden is hard to get and he goes to bed early and its when all my shows come on, ha! :)

But last Thursday there were no shows on and he and I just played all night, it was so fun! I bought this puzzle for him a while back and he hasn't ever really cared much about it. I decided to get it out and see if he would play with it--he was obsessed. I think he did the puzzle at least 50 times! He was SOO cute doing it too!

Love this sweet sweet boy!!

Hayden, you are such a sweet and loving child, you are very polite and always say Thank You.  I enjoy you so much!


up to no good :)

STOP, no more pictures, mom!!!!

love this smile!!

one of his favorite things to do is pretend he's sleeping--he even pretends to snore! so cute!!!

He's also talking A LOT more--and other people are noticing it, so I know its not just me thinking he is :)  He's very loving and loves to give hugs and kisses--hes probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen :) I'm not bias or anything either!!!

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Jessica said...

He has such a cute big boy bed! : ) I hope he is feeling better today and that you guys all got some rest last night. Love you.