Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bike Rides!

Since the weather has warmed up, our new favorite pastime is the ride our bikes!! J has ALWAYS loved to ride bikes!  I got a bike a few months ago and have been just waiting for nice weather to ride it!  BJ already had a bike, but it needed a new tire.

Well, someone ended up giving BJ a really nice new bike.  So the three of us had bikes, but no where to put Mr. H.  We looked for a used bike trailer for several weeks without luck and ended up buying one new...and it was totally worth it.  I think we've used it close to every night since we brought it home.  Pretty much as soon as I get home J starts begging to go ride!  So we load up and go ride.  Sometimes J drives her bike and sometimes she rides in the trailer with H.  The trailer is really nice to have! We love it!!

BJ snapped a few pictures with his phone the first couple of nights we used it...and I wanted to share because they are too darn cute!!

Other than that, we've just been enjoying the nice weather! The backyard is back to being used heavily and I love it!! BJ and my mom worked really hard to get my raised boxes ready for my veggies! I've only got my tomatoes in the grounds so far, but cucumbers and okra are on the way!! I cannot wait for garden tomatoes!! I've always wanted to grow some, but never given it a shot.  I don't exactly have a green thumb, so we shall see.

It seems like in the past few days H has really started to "talk" more.  He is saying BALL really clearly, EYE really well and he says the begining of other words, he says the beginning of Manny (as in Handy Manny) and the begining of Mouse (as in Mickey Mouse).  He says "no, no" while shaking his little finger, ha!  He says something that sounds like "outside" as he goes to the door.  He has also started doing the motions to I LOVE YOU...and it's absolutely adorable! I love it!!   He also does this really cute thing when he like bangs his hand or arm or something, just a little where it probably hurt, but he's not crying...he'll come over kind of whimpery and put it up to my face to kiss it....SO CUTE.

Jordan is just her usually sassy self!! I think she's done with naps for the summer---being outside is WAY more important!! She's just such a joy.  The girl loves to get dirty! She loves to do anything outside!

Well, I just wanted to post this quick update.  Not much else going on! Happy Spring!

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