Monday, December 21, 2009

My Sweet Husband

He'll kill me when he sees this post, but I'm doing it anyway.

If you know me in real life, you've heard me "complain" about my husband being in school since the begining of time.  I do it jokingly most of the time. 

He has been in school 4 years.  He has gone very part time until very recently.  The last couple of semesters he has carried a heavier load, but still not a full time load.  He took a semester off when each of our children were born as well.  So it's been a long process.  He has to take a couple more classes next semester and he will be finished with his core courses and in the Fall will enter the Education Program through NWACC and the UofA.  He'll do one very full time year of classes and the following year will be student teaching and a few more classes. 

We're very excited to be this close to the end.  It's been challanging in a lot of ways having him in school.  But I'm so proud of him for sticking with it. 

He already works in a classroom setting, as a teacher's aide.  He's really good at his job.  He is GREAT with kids.  He's so gentle and patient.  I mean, really, he spends his days with a room full of 5 year olds....I'd want to pull my hair out.

Anyway, I wanted to brag on him a bit--he's a wonderful husband, super great dad, working full time while going to school.  I love you honey--and am SO proud of you.

He had these pictures taken a couple weeks ago for a project for one of his classes, so I thought I'd share them.  Isn't he cute?!!?! ha!


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

that is sweet! i bet the kids love him!

Jamie B. said...

I think this is great. Kids need more male teachers in the classroom.

Jessica said...

You are right- he is adorable in these pics! What a great guy!!

Katy Seifritz said...

What great pics! I think that is wonderful :).

Kristi said...

Yep, my kids LOVE "Mr. Foshe" or "Fosh" as Dylan calls him! Brittany LOVES him more than anything because of his "cheer" abilities! She dreams of becoming a cheerleader just like him! We were at a Razorback basketball game recently & she was so excited because they did "like 3 things" she had been taught already! He is so good at what he does - I'm like you, I'd be pulling my hair out at the end of the day!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!