Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

As of the last couple of years, I have had a lot of fun doing our family Christmas Card! 

I did not do a card in 2006, Jordan was a couple months old and we did a birth annoucement, not Holiday themed, to my regret, so we chose not to do a Christmas card on top of that. 

In 2007, I LOVED LOVED LOVED our card---this was it.

I remember REALLY struggling for that family picture!! (I took it on a self timer and and a tripod, J was at that age where she did not want to sit!!!)  I loved this card for so many reasons.  I did not fully design this card...I used a template and tweaked a few things on it.  At the time, I thought it would be hard for me to find another card I loved as much....hahahahaha

Last year, we had H at the end of October.  So I decided, as I should have with J, to combine our Christmas card with his birth announcement.  I have an "idea" folder on my computer for cards, crafts, home decor, etc... and I saw a card a while back that had this verse on it from Dr. Suess, and I FELL IN LOVE.  I held on to it for a while, hoping I would have an occasion to use it....and what better occasion, than such a special gift!!!  I LOVED the way it turned out digitally.  I did not execute the printing as well as I should have...I have learned a lot about printers in the past year...but it turned out pretty good still.  I designed this one fully myself.

I had hoped to do a Family Picture on this card, but we just didn't get any made and I didn't think I could do one of self timer and a tripod this time..ha ha ha I got some of the kids and it worked out with the verse!!!

Here it is.

I really loved that card, and thought, for sure, I would not love next years card as much as this one.  And this one will always be special to me...of course.

But this year, I REALLY loved our card.  I printed a couple different versions (paper wise) because I couldn't not everyone got the same paper, but everyone got the same card.  I had one batch printed on Metallic paper, with UV on just straight Press Cardstock, and some on just Metallic paper, no uv coating, and those were my favorite.  The design is not super traditional, the prior years were pretty traditional in colors, etc... but this year I went a little outside that...not far...but a little and I LOVED IT.  I did not design this card fully either...again, used a template and tweaked a few things.

We had some great family pictures taken by a photog friend of mine, so I was so happy to be able to use 4 pictures on our card this year!

It was 5x7 double is the front.

and here is the back...

I usually send out a little over 150 cards...this year I tried to cut our list down a bit...and I did some, but not much! I just LOVE sending out Christmas cards!!  I'm already looking at what I want to do for next year!

Do you send Cards? Photo, traditional??  As I looked through my cards I've received this year, I wondered how traditional card companies are doing at Christmas now that photo cards are so in and easy to do! I still get a few of them, but only a handful..not many at all!  I LOVE getting photo cards!!

Which do you prefer?

Merry Christmas, from the Foshe Family!


Jessica said...

Your card this year was incredible! It really was. I tore that envelope open with my teeth, I was so anxious to see it! Ha, ha! Metallic paper just screams Christmas to me. Good call. : ) I honestly don't know what category I fall into. I'm not a digital card person, but I'm not sending out traditional store bought stuff either... I feel like I'm in my own category.. ha, ha! Perhpas next year I will do a 4x6 digital, and then use it on my "from-scratch" creation?? Who knows!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

I LOVE the card! It was beautiful and I loved the metallic paper! So fun to open. Yours is headed your way, just slow getting them all out! I saw your photo blog post today, I bet you feel a big load off! You are a talented lady in many areas!

Kim said...

Your card is beautiful!! I love the colors and the pics are adorable!! I much prefer the homemade/digital cards.

writing4612 said...

I LOVE the last one! I'm all about classic with a twist. It's a little modern, too with the metallic, which I love.

Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

I love all your cards. This years is too cute. Hope you have been well and your job is going okay. I haven't been around since you got your new job. I am looking forward to getting caught up in the blog world before school starts back up in January.

jess said...

got your card and LOVE it! I really was reading it and was like "this is so beautiful!!!! oh that Brandy" :) love you and miss you dear!

Kristi said...

Loved the card when I saw it in the lounge at school. Good job! I actually used the photos you took of Dylan & Brittany and made my own photo card this year! Larry was bummed because I didn't include the two of us but maybe next year!