Monday, December 28, 2009

So much to blog!!

We had a really fun, but low key Christmas this year!  Santa was poor at our house this year, so we just got the kids a few (3-4) gifts each and that was it for the gift buying!  I hated not being able to buy gifts for our families and friends, but have to admit that it was nice not to stress about what to get everyone. 

The kids got spoiled by their grandparents too, so they weren't hurting for anything!  They got just the right amount of things and I have seen them play with all of their toys--meaning they didn't get soo many that they haven't even been able to play with all of them yet!

We got to spend a lot of time with each of our respective families and that is always the best part!!  We're fortunate to live only a few minutes away from each of our parents/grandparents.  We see them all frequently throughout the year, but it's extra special at Christmas.

BJ's brother and his family are here for a while (they're about to re-locate to JAPAN with the Navy), so we have enjoyed spending lots of extended time with them.  Jordan has LOVED playing with her cousins that she normally just gets to video chat with! 

Hayden finally got some "boy toys" for Christmas!  We tease, because aside from a few gender neutral "baby" toys, he's basically been playing with all Jordan's toys--mostly girly things.  So he got lots of trucks and boy like things! ha!  One of his g'rents got him this REALLY cool race track that is just for someone his size, and it races 3 cars and all he has to do is push a button...he LOVES it.  He also got a cool ride-on giraffee from another set of g'rents.  He's been scooting all over the house!

J's big Santa gift was a new big bike.  She had already outgrown her little bike from last year and a few weeks ago, the seat broke off to where it could not be fixed.  So she got a new one...she was happy!  She asked Santa for 3 things--1, a bike, 2-roller skates and 3-a Hockey set.

Yah...apparently she saw an episode of Franklin, where he was playing Hockey and she decided she wanted some.  So, I put one of the g'rents up to the skates and we told her she might not get hockey stuff till she is bigger.  She seemed satisfied. 

And she certainly forgot all about the hockey stuff once she got her skates! She was IN LOVE.  She wore them around the house for 2 days straight before we took her to the new skating rink in soon!  She is also starting to really love to play games.  She asked for checkers and the grandparents checked that off for her.  She also got this cool ABC game and a Dora book with this DORA ipod, radio thing, that she has carried around the house up to her ear like a boombox since she got home with it.  She got a fridge phonics toy that she's been spelling words with today! 

In short, my house is full of toys.  and I'm really okay with it.  This stage will be over before I know it, and I want them and us to enjoy it!!

BJ and I got some nice gifts too--our families were too good to us!

The week before Christmas, Ollie got fixed.  We had to take him to a different vet (the vet the shelter sent us to), and not our regular vet.  But it reminded me that I needed to send our sweet vet a Thank You note for saving Ollie back in October!! I wanted him to see Ollie, how he has grown and how great he looks, so I whipped up a photo card--thought it turned out cute!  J loves her Ollie, and he loves her!!

Here's some more of the photos I took of them--

and here's one of H too ;-)

I have lots of Christmas pictures to go through and will post some of those tomorrow!  But for now, here's some pictures of J from our snow shoot!!

When did she get so big?! Can someone please stop time!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!


Brittney said...

I love the pictures of Jordan in the snow--gorgeous! (Santa was poor at our house too)

Kim said...

Great pictures!! OK I am really dumb I guess...but what is hokey? Maybe I need to watch more Franklin!

B said...

oops! I meant HoCkey!

Lori S said...

Jordan is gorgeous, as always. Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Thanks for the card, it now adorns my fridge. Hope to see you soon. Lori