Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cutest Baby Ever!! :-)

It's just easier this way!


Kelley said...

She is a very cute baby!!! Thank you for confirming that "sense". Glad to know I'm not crazy:)John Mark and Stephanie are really enjoying the church you go to...I can't figure out how to add you as a friend on this blog thing. I can't even remember how I got my other friends on there??? Weird.

Kelley said...

Sweet, I did it. They make that WAY too hard. What exactly do you do? For a living? It sounds very interesting-like what I wanted to do but, didn't.

Kelley said...

Yeah, I am in Finance. I am a mortgage broker.
But, my heart would love to be in social work.
Your strong. I know you see satan's effort to destroy those childrens lives everyday. I think I would have anger issues or a great prayer life.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with her in Home School.