Sunday, November 06, 2011

iPhone randomness

her glasses & satchel she found at the goodwill :)

pedi time!

Jordan loves to draw.

love this face

Hayden with his self haircut & uncle Tony

I thought she was sleeping and I snapped this and then saw she wasn't, ha!

gma Jordan


silly boy


Jordan & her best pal Jake

Ha ha!

Aaarrggg Matey!

ready for class!

Jordan drew all of our outlines one day....ha!

Bike Rides
pretending they're at the beach :)

He still lovs to pretend he is sleeping!

my cute kitty

awe! @ Tony's wedding.

look at that cute beard!

Happy Halloween!

pre-K takes it out of her!

Taekwando is exhausting!

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Jessica said...

Love your new header! : ) My fav iphone pic is BJ on the driveway and J drawing him with chalk! Too funny! : )