Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer through the iphone :)

It has become my #1 way to take pictures, which I really didn't think would happen, but it has. Its just so darn handy!

In no particular order...

I turned 29 (no, really!) this summer....

More time with our best friends!

The girl loves to fly!

I realize she has outgrown this outfit, but she insists on dressing up in it still :)

Cherry Berry!!!!

a perk of having close friends as neighbors: we often share dinner with one another :)

note their "war paint" aka, wet chalk :)

This is a new little restaurant in our town and J loves to sit at the bar!

Got to spend some time with my sweet friends!

J and I had a girls night and used our free chips and queso at Chilis :) We love girls nights!!!

H loves to play with my camera on my phone :) :) :)

He is also REALLY into reading books right now, which I love!!


She loves her goggles!!

We got to kitty sit Julio twice this summer!!

AND Hayden is POTTY TRAINED!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO no more diapers!!!

they decided they needed to pray before eating cake and ice cream on my birthday :)

My poor hubs had his wisdom teeth removed, but he did great!!!

Jordan learned that she LOVES yards sales this summer---this was her favorite find!! $3, SCORE!!

So there ya have it, summer by the iphone.
btw, the iphone is like, my new best friend. changed. my. life.
Hope you're all doing well!!


Kim said...

We are getting a Cherry Berry in our town. It opens the 19th and I can't wait to try it!! I had my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago and I totally feel for him! It was horrible. My birthday is coming up next month and I am so scared of the thought of turning 29 :(

Jessica said...

What a fun post! : )