Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer To Do List :)

I was blog surfing the other day and read a post a mama did about summer.

She wrote about wanting to make sure her kiddos have an {intentional summer}.

"An {intentional summer} just means that you plan for things. You make fun things happen."

Since this is my FIRST summer to have off since I started my new awesome, family friendly job--I'm making all kinds of plans!!

I'm really a homebody and I love to be home--and in the past its been such a chore to take my kids anywhere, and some days, lets face it, it still is.  BUT, they're at great ages right now to be able to hop in the car and go somewhere without a TON of preparation, so we plan on doing lots of fun stuff this summer.

Jordan and I were talking about what we wanted to be sure to do this summer and we ended up making a list--so fun!

Here's what on our list: in no particular order.
  • Go to the Splash Park in a nearby town
  • Summer Movie Series ($2!!)
  • Gator Golf
  • Fun City (she said no chuck e. cheese, bc she is scared of him)
  • Drive in Movies
  • Go Fishing
  • Get pedicure (just the girls)
  • Go Camping
  • Gentry Safari Zoo
  • Go to the Farmers Market
  • Go to the Rodeo & Parade
  • Sq. Dance at the Clothesline Fair
  • Go to the Wash Co. Fair
  • Swim lessons for Jordan
  • Go Swimming, A LOT
  • Play in the creek
  • Visit different parks in our area
  • Go on a picnic
  • Visit the Library
  • Have a water baloon fight
  • Visit the Air Museum
  • Ride the Train
  • Go to Eureka Springs
The list will be ever growing, I'm sure :)  But we're super excited!! We're actually going camping this weekend with some freinds of ours, so that will be great fun!!

And just to add some photos--I took the kids out for a impromtu mini photo session last night when we got home and got a couple cute ones ;)

Yay for SUMMER!!!


Jessica said...

Hayden is GORGEOUS!!! : ) (So is J, of course, but Hayden.. wow!!)

Kim said...

That's a great idea!! I think I will set my boys down and make our list. I love now that I can put the boys in the car and go (no diapers!!). There is so much fun stuff in our town that we have not discovered :) I am sure a trip to AR will be on our list. Maybe you can snap some pictures of my boys while we are up there.