Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bike Riding

We love to bike ride---especially the kids.  We got H a bike a couple months back and he mastered it last month and he loves to pedal it!!

Jordans bike is broke right now, so she's been riding this bike that someone got for Hayden that he has to grow into....they also really like their scooters---Hayden has his own, a red one, but he prefers Jordan's pink one most of the time, ha!!

I have decided not to try to edit every posts pictures--its just too time consuming and I want these things recorded so they might not all look the best but they're here :)




cutest thing ever.

sibling love

Hayden took this from the bike trailer before one of our family rides ;)

family ride :)


Jessica said...

Jordan's eyes are sooo blue! Is Hayden wearing Thomas undearwear? We have the same ones- I think! Ha! And you look so, so tiny skinny in that picture!! : )

PS- H is (maybe) potty trained!! We are so close.. today is day 4 with NO accidents!! Hip-hip hooray!

mustard seed said...

love the "crash pad" van at the end of the driveway!