Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Break!

We took a quick little mini trip to Branson over Spring Break.  The week before, a friend of mine who owns a time share advertised on facebook that she would give someone a great deal on two nights at this resort in Branson.  I inquired, and she sold me two nights at a Branson resort for $50, it was too good to pass up.  Especially since the room had a kitchen, I knew we could eat in and save some serious money and the resort also had an indoor pool, mini golf and a playground.

The plan was to just go hang out at the resort for a couple of days.  Cheap, fun, and relaxing.  We did not plan on going to Silver Dollar City or doing any other Branson attractions, we just wanted to get away and not spend any money :)

This plan usually doesn't work out for us, but this time it did and it went great, we had SO much fun!!!

As soon as we got to the resort, the kids hit the playground while I got us all checked in.  My kids love to play at the playground, no matter where it is, and this was a great playground.  They had a blast, especially after being in the car ;)

(this is a super long post with lost of pictures, unedited ones, but I really wanted to document this fun trip we took, so bare with me)

Hayden loved collecting acorns!

he's got a handfull :)
  The resort had mini golf, which I wasn't even sure we would do, but it ended up being the BIGGEST hit of all!! We did it right after we got done playing on the playground when we got there and both kids loved it, but Hayden was especially interested in this game!  He had so much fun!!!

he was very focused!

After much begging we headed to the indoor pool...that we found was NOT I have no idea, but I think that is the dumbest thing ever! Why on earth would you have an indoor pool if it wasn't heated.  Needless to say we did not get in the big pool.  This little kiddie pool wasn't AS cold so the kids splashed around in it while BJ and I stuck our feet in....

Then the hot tub was free and we headed out there....much nicer!!

When we headed in for the night the kids played some dominos and watched some TV and we made dinner.  It was nice to be able to cook!!

The next morning the kids ate their cereal before we started our fun filled day!

After breakfast we may or may not have played another round of mini golf (I told you it was a hit!) and then we decided to go drive around to just see what we could see.  For a while we followed the "ducks" to see if we could see them go down into the water, but we couldn't...but while we were out driving and seeing the water and the dam, we spotted this great playground at the Table Rock State we went back to the room and grabbed our lunch and stopped at Sonic for some drinks and headed to the park! 

The kids had a blast and the view was spectacular!!

After we played and ate our picnic lunch, we walked down to the water....and the kids had the best time of their lives....I can't wait to take them to a real beach one day!!!

boys love rocks!

and sticks.
but girls, we love sea shells :)

a rare family photo--thanks to the self timer and a rock :)

she was obsessed with finding these!!

like I said, boys love rocks.

and I love him.

We drove by this hatchery and wondered how much it was, so I went to inquire and it was FREE--fit right in with our cheap get-a-way!!!

feeding the fishies :)

We had a very full day, spent mostly outside...this girl was exhausted...and fell asleep before 7pm, with the tv on, her brother making noise and all :)

He was his usual self...playing his ipod :)

The resort we stayed at...thank you Wood family!!

On the way home, we went thru Eureka and stopped to see the Christ statue...the kids thought it was neat, but Hayden as a little afraid of it, he kept pointing to it and in a scared voice saying "man." It was kind of funny...

posing by a tree on the walk up to the statue :)
climbing a tree :)

more climbing :)

making the walk up to the statue


the statue is really big


Overall, we had a GREAT was really nice not to be tied to any schedule or to rush around trying to do things, like go to Silver Dollar City (its fun, but sort of stressful too).  I just had the best time and it was really relaxing...we didn't check our e mail or anything for more than two days! It was nice to just focus on the family and relax..we will for sure have more trips like this!!  Hope all of you had a great Spring Break!

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