Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa & the Lights

On Tuesday we went to see Santa and then went to the Square again to visit the lights (this time with my camera!)

I was pretty sure Hayden wasn't going to sit in Santas lap and I was prepared for tears, and lots of them.  We had decided not to force him into Santas lap for a photo, but I was hoping he would want to :)

He was great in line and fortunately we had a very short wait--and when we were next, he could see Santa and was pointing and waving and seemed pretty happy, so I was hopeful!

When we got up there though, he wasn't going to sit in his lap.  He waved and stood pretty close, but not close enough for a photo--so J got a photo by herself.  As we were walking away, Hayden darted back and gave Santa a high five and said and waved "bye."  Of course though I was too slow with the camera, but hey, there were not tears and I think a high five is a grand improvement from last year!! :)

After that we went to see the lights and the kids had a great time (we did too!)

This was taken on Monday, the day we were supposed to go see Santa.  J had a bad day so we stayed home and saw him the next day.

modeling while she waits for Santa :)

Mr. GQ

I could not love these two any more if I tried!


I love how she always bends down and gives him a side hug or a hug from behind..she's a natural born poser.

she did this all on her own too!! I was DYING!


we can see him!!!

She did so good!!

Telling him what she wants for Christmas!

have I mentioned she's a poser?

such a daddy's girl!!

love her!

he gave me such a good smile! I love this boy--he is SOO lovey!!

the boys!

daddy and his babies!

me and my girl.

he is so funny!

they had so much fun!

Jordan took this!!

she is so beautiful!

I don't know what we are going to do when she's a teenager!


so cute!

& one more pose! :)

I hope you all got to see some beautiful Christmas lights this year!!  We went to Silver Dollar City yesturday and got to see a bunch more lights--a post on that coming soon!!   Merry Christmas everyone!!
This one just makes me laugh, so sick of me taking their picture! ha!!!


Jessica said...

Jordan has the best hair!!!

Suz said...

I love the dress and bow on her! These are precious pics!!! It was so good seeing your for a minute too!