Saturday, December 18, 2010

The rest of November ;)

Folks, I can almost blog about this month, ha!!

I didn't take any pictures at Thanksgiving (shame on me!!)  but we had a great time at BJ's grandparents with his family! Its always a fun time!  Jordan is REALLY into crafts right now so I bought some craft kits from Oriental Trading a few months back....some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts.

She made SEVERAL really cute turkeys and passed them out to many of the G'rents, but I didn't take any pictures of that--but we also made these really cute place cards and I did snap a few of them just now, so I could blog them, ha!!  Too cute not to though!!

I also made my very first turkey this year...and it was edible! ha!!

The day after Thanksgiving, it might have been the day before, I can't recall--anyway we put the tree up and J & H had a ball helping!

And we went to the parade and lighting of our local square! We try to go every year and we love it! Its so magical!!  These pics aren't the best, but we were there!! ha!  We went with Tony & Rachel and Haddie!

She loves her uncle Tony!!

I just had to throw this one in there too, J is REALLY loving "reading" right now...she has always loved having books read TO her, but shes been really into reading them herself lately--and she does a pretty good job on her picture walks and stuff...this is a chapter book (we have the series) that we read from at bedtime and she was just telling the story...too cute! I love that she loves to learn!!!

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Kim said...

Super cute!! Koy is reading very well now and it so exciting to sit down and have him read a book to me or his little brother!