Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall Family Pictures 2010

I try really hard to have our pictures made twice a year right now, since the kids are changing so much--which that's starting to slow down a bit but I still like the different seasons---I like to take pictures in the Spring when everything is green and bright (my pictures in my header are from this past Spring), and I love Fall pictures when everything is changing--and its nice to have recent photos for Christmas cards!

The past several times we've had our pictures done, I have done a "trade" with another photog friend of mine...sweet sweet girl who has done a great job on our photos.  Well, in the Spring she had just found out she was pregnant with her fourth baby--and was due oh...right around Fall photo time--so I knew I wasn't going to be able to have her do our pictures.  Being a photographer in the Fall makes for a super busy life! I got so busy photographing everyone else's family I left almost no time to have our photos made.  I tried to get in with a couple other photogs and finding a time in our schedules that matched was impossible.

I had all but given up on a family shot and was begining to think it would just be the kids on this years Christmas cards when I asked a friend of mine to attempt to take some shots of us----and she did.  Jessica is very handy with her camera and takes LOTS of pictures--I owe her for more than one occasion of photos, ha!

We went at the very end of November down to Devils Den.  I had low expectations--you see my son is the most difficult child on the planet to photograph very active and does not have a lot of interest in sitting still or smiling for photos.  I can usually get him to cooperate for me with BJ's help, but if we're both in the gets tricky!!

However, Jess took some fabulous pictures!! I "doctored" them up in photoshop and we had some real winners!!    Thanks Jess for taking these great pictures for us, what would I do without you?!

I love each of these for different reasons, but these are my favorites.....

I was VERY pleased, THANKS JESS!!

I got to use FOUR on our card this year-that I designed....and I LOVE it!!

Most of my cards have been sent and those who haven't gotten theirs yet most likely don't read this blog, so I'm going to go ahead and post it :) 

I had a hard time deciding on photos, but this was the end result...printed on a pearlized paper, double sided---and die cut---my most favorite card yet, I think!!


Jessica said...

You are on a blogging roll!!! I'm glad we got a few that worked. : ) Keep those posts rolling- I'm loving checking your blog these days!!

Katy Seifritz said...

Loved loved your card this year!! Super cute!

The "W" Family said...

She got some great ones! you are all so photogenic! Love the pics and love the card!

Lori S said...

These are ALL so good. You and your family are beautiful