Saturday, December 11, 2010


I know its now December and I'm updating for October--but I have to record it!! SOMEDAY, when I make a book of my blog, I want to have it all in here---Its the only way I'll ever remember anything!!

So on Haydens actual birthDAY we didn't do much out of the ordinary, but I had a little mini birthday shoot with him-it was after work so it was already getting dark but we got some cute ones...I just LOVE this boy so much!!

He turned 2 on October 26th and Jordan turned 4 on October instead of trying to do two birthday parites, where I would invite the same exact people....I planned a joint party, sometime in the middle of their two birthdays! Oct. 17th!  I scheduled in way in advance, around August I think--I knew exactly what I wanted--I wanted a pumpkin patch/corn maze party!! It ended up being more of just a corn maze party, but it was a blast just the same!!

SOOO many of our wonderful friends and family came out to celebrate with us and we're SOO thankful for all of them--I was a crazy person during the party and barely got to visit...let alone keep track of who got who what--so I was a terrible hostess and did not send out any thank you cards--so sorry guys--but know that we are VERY thankful for you all and the gifts!!!

Okay, so I design cards, invitations, etc for people ALL the time--but I had SUCH  hard time designing their invitation, I normally have a much harder time doing something for myself than for others--so I enlisted the help of my sweet and talented friend, Catherine!  She did such a great job with them!!!

They were double sided and ALL kinds of FUN! I was seriously head over heels for them!!

Okay so this place we had the party at was BRAND new--and I booked it in hopes that it would live up to all its hype--and it mostly did.  Only because they were new, hadn't done a lot of bday parties..and were kind of annoying and not very accomodating to us as a party--but thats okay--we had fun anyway!!!

I took a few pics with my camera and at times someone else had my camera and my friend Jessica took lots of pics with hers and shared them with me, so some of these are from me and some are from her...Thanks Jessica!!

OH--and Jessica made the kids' FREAKING AWESOME shirts!! I LOOOOVVVEEE them--I got an idea on etsy and enlistd her and her mom's talent and waaahhh-la!! perfection!!!

I'm going to warn you, there will be a TON of birthday pictures!!!

The Cow train was a HUGE hit!! Everyone loved it!

Even the grown ups, ha!!!!

See? :)

Jess took this beauty!!

I LOVED their cake..I always get my cakes at Shelby Lynns and she did a fabulous job this year!!

I got the pumpkin shaped orange crayons on etsy as their favors, they were perfection!!!

For the first time I did a pinata...I don't like to do them, but J specifically asked for one this year--it was a hit for sure!!!

My goofy brother!

Love these sweet friends!

I should add that the corn maze is in the shape of a Razorback--so that's pretty cool--we didn't dare go through the entire maze with all the little ones, but we went through a good portion of it! It was FUN!!

It was a beautiful day, warm with blue skies! We couldn't have asked for a better time!!

Again, thank you ALL so much for sharing their special day with us! We love you all so much!!!


Jessica said...

So much to comment on!!

1. I'm glad you were able to use the pictures I took. Chasing Harbor around, I wasn't sure how the light was and I was hoping they would work! Of course, you can photoshop anything and make it look good! You are ultra cool like that!!

2. The day was perfect- it was a beautiful, blue sky day!

3. Their shirts did turn out cute- it was a great idea you had to make them and the ETSY pic you sent me made it super easy- thanks!

4. I love you, too!! : )

5. Update again soon!!! Yippee!!

The Treeces said...

What an awesome birthday party!