Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh my goodness!!!

I really can't believe I let 2 months go by without blogging.  Seriously disappointed in myself! Its just been such a busy Fall season for me!! Its my busiest photography time--and on top of all that, I got my DREAM job and started in October!!

I'm now a school social worker!!!! This is what I have wanted to do for as long as I have been in social work.  Its my ideal job--I get to work with children and families AND I get to be home more.  The breaks are amazing--AND BJ gets all the same breaks! So our family time is maximized!! Its so perfect for us!

In fact, we're wrapping up Thanksgiving break right now!

I have been downright terrible about taking pictures of the kids--but I'm about to go into my "off season" of photography, so I'll make up for it by taking lots of pictures of them!!

I have taken some though, so here's an update on what we've been up to!

In September, we went to a new bounce place in town, so glad we finally got one of these!!

The kids had fun!!

And October was a busy busy month!! Both the kids had birthdays!! Jordans is the 2nd and Haydens is the 26th, so I had planned ONE party---but on Jordans actual birthday we did a little family celebrating!  She had a good day!!

We started the morning off with a little mini birthday photo shoot--she is SUCH a ham!! Gosh I love her!

Then she requested pancakes in the shape of a "J" and a "4."

THEN we went and J got her ears pierced!! She had been talking about it forever and she finally did it!! I don't have any pictures of the actual event, because she was scared and I was holding her....and daddy was keeping up with H, but here's the finished product!!

We then headed over to the apple festival with friends--she loves her some Brooklyn!!

Next up, Haydens birthDAY, the party and Halloween!!!


Suz said...

Well hello stranger!! I'm so glad to see an update! It's been way too long! :)

Umm, can J get any cuter? Seriously!!! Looks like you all are doing great!! Can't wait to hear about H's birthday party! ANd what a perfect idea to have both parties together!

Jessica said...

Yay! An update! : ) Keep 'em coming!

Kim said...

Your kiddos are just too cute!!!