Wednesday, June 02, 2010

{Hello Summer}

WOW!! I cannot even believe it is already JUNE!!!  We're almost halfway through the year folks, craaaazy I tell you, crazy!!!

Time definetly goes by so much faster after having least I think so.

My kids will be 2 & 4 in just a few months....WOW!!!

So I had my 10 year reunion last went really good.  I helped plan it and it was looking kind of dicey for a few minutes, but it turned out really great and I had a lot of fun!!

The other night J was in the mood to pose! ha!! She was also practicing her "bridge-up." She loves gymnastics!

Could she be any cuter?!

My photog friend Miranda and I trade and take each others family pictures and it works out so great for us! We met up with Miranda last month to get some Spring pictures...Mr. H only let us get one good family one, but hey, one is all you need!!  (I'm sure you noticed my new header too :))

It's gotten hot FAST this summer!! It's just now June and we're already in the 90's!!! We got the pool up last weekend, but before we did, we got H's little pool out from last year and the kids had a blast!!! They are both just CRAZY about the water!

he's copying his sister....


Okay, so H hates to have his hands dirty...and he finds trash, grass, pretty much anything he thinks is trash or dirt and brings it to me. He also loves to wipe his dirty hands on my pants. 

I am looking SO forward to this summer with these two crazy kids!!!

I hope you are all staying cool and are having LOTS of fun playing in the water!!!!

(blogger is REALLY messing up my photos today!!)


Jessica said...

H hates having dirty hands, too! CUTE pics of the fam at UofA! Great color scheme! : )

Kim said...

Dagan has dirty hands also! Well he hates anything on him dirty! That boy can change clothes more than any other child I know! I love your family pictures!! The colors are beautiful! I can't believe it has been 10 years since we graduated! I bet it was fun seeing everyone!!