Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Finally, here are some photos from our Christmas day of opening presents!  Everyone was so generous this year--thank you so much!! 

On Christmas Eve, before J went to bed, we read the Christmas Story of Jesus' birth.  We used her Little People Nativity Scene to help us tell the story.  We made a big point this year to teach Jordan what Christmas really is. 

Jordan got her bike she asked Santa for!  She was happy--I love her sleepy little face here!!!

Hayden and his BIG truck!!!

This is how I roll.....(love this look!)

Loves his movie CARS!

One of the things we got J was this cool drum set thing.  It has several real instruments!  She has been jamming out!

A friend of mine gave us this doll house and a TON of accessories.  It was practically brand new, her daughter never played with it much so she passed it on to us.  Jordan was elated!

Boy tools!

ALL the accessories (there were so many!)

Opening trucks from G'ma and G'pa! ( I love the "CHUCK" line from tonka!)

Mema got him this super cute laptop junior thing.  It only has a few buttons and he LOVES it.

This is a really cool DORA book that came with this ipod, radio thing, that Jordan LOVES (from G'ma and G'pa!)

And this thing could be my new favorite thing!  It's a dry erase board that sits on ur lap and has different activity sheets!

Handy Manny snack pack from Uncle Brad and Aunt Lucy!

More trucks from G'ma and G'pa!  This is an AWESOME race track for a little boy his size!!  He LOVES it!! ( I do too!!!)

G'ma and G'pa got all the grandkids these super cool bouncy balls...Hayden tried to hoard them all!!

The cousins having a JAM SESSION with J's instrument set!

We headed over to Nana and Grandads....where J got her SKATES! I'm pretty sure when she opened the present she did not know what they were.  She just stared at the box for a long time until I told her they were SKATES!!!

Then she HAD to put them on! As fast as she could.  (btw, she is still wearing them and has only taken them off for baths and bed time.  I am not joking!)

H checking out his ride on!

She wasn't afraid at all, she just hopped up and decided to go!

They are like a "trike" skate and when she gets better, you can move one of the wheels to make traditional inline skates...but she is doing so well with them this way!

She lost her balance a few times right after she put them on, but since then has been doing so great.  I've been so surprised--I'm thinking her 4th birthday might be a skating party?!

CRUISING on the ride on!

Trying out the hardwood floor!


Still smiling!

She's a happy girl!!


Jessica said...

J looks so tall in those skate! And H! Love him on his little cruiser. We would totally love a skating party!!!!

Christy said...

We love those Chuck trucks around here! Deacon got a lot of them for Christmas. WHERE did you guys find that race track?!?! The only things we could find were the fire house and the garage. I know Deacon would LOVE that. He also got one of those "lap tops" from grandparents too. :)