Thursday, December 31, 2009

Better late than Never, Right?!

Um, yah.  It's the end of December.  I'm just now blogging Hayden's First Birthday!!!  We had his party a couple weeks late, because of my crammed photo schedule, but we had a small family party at BJ's grandparents house...the same as we did for Jordan's 1st birthday.  Just the Fam.

He had a BLAST. 

It was a really fun and relaxed day where we all just got to love on Hayden.

I can't believe he's already a year old.  His first year went WAAAAY faster than Jordan's.   It seems time just keeps going by faster and faster.

Mr. H is such a sweet sweet boy!!  Though he was far from planned, I cannot begin to imagine our lives without him.  I was scared to have a boy when I was pregnant with Jordan.  I wasn't sure I would know how to mother a boy.

Well, he is a complete and total Mama's Boy (and a grandma's boy!).  He loves his daddy, but he is for sure a mama's boy.

He's such a boy too.  I was reading back over my pregnancy blog posts about how he was so wiggly in the womb for his gender ultrasound and how we almost didn't get to find out he was a boy.  He is still very wiggly...he is always on the go.  He LOVES to climb.

He doesn't talk too much yet, but he can jabber something mean! When he does talk, he's gonna have some things to say!

He gets REALLY frustrated when he doesn't get what he wants!  BJ says he has my temper.  He probably does.  I think he'll be a "fun" 2 year old! ha!

He does listen really well and when he has something he's not supposed to have, if you ask him to give it to you, he usually will, without a fight.  If it is taken from him though, that's another story!

He is VERY loving.  He LOVES to give hugs and kisses.  He puckers up SOO big for a kiss too!!

He's my sweet boy!  I can't wait to watch him grow up. I mean, I can wait, but you know what I mean!

Here's some pics from his 1st Birthday!!

He's all bruised up in these pictures, around this time, 11-12 months old, he was falling, A LOT.  He took a nose dive into some gravel out at his grandma and grandpa's a few days before the party!  He still falls, but not as much!

Mama's CUTE boy!!!!

Walking with Grandad.


Uncle Kyle pulling him in the wagon!!

Nana lovins!

Sister, sporting the party hat, she just HAD to get for H's party!!!

CAKE time!!!

She just couldn't stand to sit back and watch, ha!

SWEET cake kisses!!!!

He got a couch! J has one, and he was in love with it!  He loves his too!!!!

More presents!!! 

It was a fun time!  We love you, sweet boy!!

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