Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shuckin' Corn!

Jordan's grandma came by on Friday night and Jordan decided she HAD to go home with grandma to spend the night!!! I was surprised, but she was adamant that she wanted to go! So off she went to grandma's to spend the night....Saturday morning she has gymnastics, so Grandma got her up and she saw that grandpa was shuckin' some corn, and she had to get in on the action!!

BJ said they were late for gymnastics because Jordan did not want to quit!!!

This will be a short post....have lots to do. Mostly editing photos. I also need to clean my house. All well.
I'm LOVING the new job....I get home by 5 every night and I am learning a lot and really enjoy the people I'm working with!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'm just enjoying all my "extra" time at home!!


Nancy M. said...

That's cool that she loves shucking corn. Cute pics! I am glad to hear you like your job!

Suzette said...

I missed this post! That is so awesome that this job is going so much better!!! She's a little pro at shucking corn... Where is she doing gymnastics?