Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mini Sessions

Thanks for participating in my poll!!

I hope you were serious!

I'm setting the dates for these mini sessions!

July 9th and 10th (a Thursday and a Friday).

On Thursday, July 9th, I will be in front of Old Main in Fayeteville on the UofA Campus from 530pm-730pm. I will book in 15 minute incriments. Please e mail me at to select a time slot. First come, first serve.

No wardrobe changes will be allowed, due to time. I will photograph whatever subject you wish me to for 15 minutes. You will not be allowed to go over time, due to the next slot starting immediately after yours. You will still receive all edits and photos on a disc with a copyright release. The price is 20.00.

The only prop I will bring is my chair. Any other "props" you will need to bring yourself. Please remember the time constraints.

On Friday, July 10th, I will be at Harber Meadows in Springdale. Same time. 530pm-730pm This is a BEAUTIFUL location and one of my most favorite places to photograph. I thought doing one in Fay and one in S'dale would give people all over a good opportunity to take advantage.

Please e mail me at to book your mini session now!! Limited spots available! When all slots are filled, I won't be taking any more.

If this goes well, I'll probably do another one in the Fall, just in time for Christmas card photos!


Staci said...

What a great idea Brandy!! Wish I lived closer! Hope it goes well and you fill up all your time slots!

The Keylors said...

This is a great idea. I hope you do one in fall after our new bambina arrives (OR you can be thinking about any canvases you might need.) : )

Suzette said...

Fabulous idea! If you have a spot on July 10th, I would like to do some fam shots!!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

Great idea! I will definitely sign up for the fall ones!

Tasha said...

Wish I lived closer!!!