Wednesday, March 04, 2009


A couple friends of mine have been driving me crazy to "BLOG SOMETHING!"

So, here's something. The truth is I've not been much in the blogging mood! Sometimes it just feels like a lot of work!!

Here's the photos I haven't blogged from February! I know...behind!

J pretty much goes to the potty without help and usually without even telling us she's going. Well, on this night she told us she was going and went ahead and went....and then a few minutes later BJ goes "where's Jordan, I smell powder." So we went to investigate.....gotta love life with a toddler!

It was everwhere!! It was a pretty full bottle and she basically emptied it! BJ's asthma was going crazy!

At a friends bday party! The girl can sure Cheese it!

She loved the big slides!!

Hayden and Harbor!

Miss J and her bubby...this was first thing in the morning....can't you tell!! J's hair looks crazy and her face looks so sleepy! She's so sweet to him....she really loves him! I can't wait till they can play together!

Mr. Man. He's such a joy and SUCH a happy baby!!

Okay, there!! Get off my back people! JK ;-) Hope everyone is doing great!!! I'll try to post more of what is going on with us later....maybe when things slow down a bit? Because they will, wont' they?


jess said...

cute cute cute cute. love it :) you're such a great mom.

abra said...

Thank you !!!! I just can't get enough of you pics and your sweet babies!!

Suzette said...

hahaha.. I love it.. That is hilarious! My goodness your kiddos are cute!!

ashleydiggs said...

Gotta love baby powder!

Amber said...

How funny with the powder! I can't wait for memories like that...

So cute!

I can't wait until my pictures...I am so excited! Thx.

Jessica said...

Ahh! The two H's! Are they sweet boys?

LOVE Miss J! Boy, is she a handful? Ha, ha! The powder is priceless.