Friday, March 06, 2009

New (used) Car!!

I'm offically old.

We bought a minivan! We're totally excited!! We have been looking at them for months! We got a steller deal on this 2008 Kia Sedona Minivan!

It's practically brand new with very low miles and looks GREAT!

We kept our Sante Fe, and so if/when I get a new job, we won't have to worry about getting a second car.

We're so excited about the extra room!!
I wish I could adequately convey my excitement in a blog post. I never thought I'd be so excited over a minivan!

In my defense, it is pretty sporty for a minivan!

Okay here's the pics! It's this really pretty blue-green color that really sparkles in the sun!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a great weekened!!!


Staci said...

Congratulations!! So glad you found something you like!!

Amanda said...

You are going to love it! I'm excited for you! ;-)

Brittney said...

I LOVE it! I want a minivan and David makes fun of me. I'll convince him eventually.

Jessica said...

I was so glad you drove it over today! It looked good in my driveway! We can load up your two kiddos and my H and all go out together! : )

Abra said...

Mini van eh? How old are you? Hehe...just kidding ya! The room will be great, and it is kinda sporty....I would drive it. Well, only with two kids of course!

The Treeces said...

So you made the transition to a minivan?.. You know we always say as young parents we will never have a minivan. Then you have a child, you start to think you need more room. You take a ride in one and then Wham, "we need a minivan"!

It looks very nice! I hope you enjoy it!

Are you still working now?

the Pulleys said...

Looks great! I'm sure you'll ADORE all of the rm.! Some of our family/friends have ventured out & made the same minivan decision recently & have loved them. Enjoy!

Nicole M Wood said...

You crack me up!