Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hayden Laughs!

Hayden has been trying to laugh for a couple weeks now, but it hasn't amounted to anything more than a chuckle here and there. Well, a couple of days ago, BJ got him laughing really good. And tonight, just before his bath, I got it on video.

BJ was responsible for making Jordan laugh her first time too.

She laughed right around 3.5months as well. So far, he is doing everything around the same time as her.

Anyway, enjoy his sweet chuckles!


ashleydiggs said...

When G saw this she said, "Yay Hayden!"

Karen Barnes said...

That Hayden is just the cutest little guy. BJ is a great Dad to spend time with his little man & get him to laugh out loud like that. Thanks for sharing the fun times with us.

Pegsy said...

So sweet! I love baby giggles!

Jessica said...

Go, Hayden, go! Harbor is three months today and is starting to squell a bit.. I love it. Our two H's will be the best of buds!