Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jordan's Bike!

I'm horrible for not posting these before now, but here are a few shots of Jordan on her new bike that Santa brought her.

And yes, we do Santa. I have put a poll up inquiring as to who does and who does not. Mostly because I'm really curious. I have heard of a lot of people in my generation choosing not to do the Santa thing...which is really no big thing to me, I just find it intriguing. I have heard all the reasons and BJ and I have discussed it on end...and he could really care less either way. I have a few concerns, but mostly I think doing Santa is okay....FOR US. I wholeheartedly respect those of you who don't and have no bad feelings about it. I just figure for us, we both believed in Santa as children and we turned out okay. Plus, when Jordan asks, I'll tell her and explain it all to her.

So, I'd love to hear how you do it, but if you don't care to share, the poll is anonymous. I've also heard of the 3 gift things: a want, a need, and a surprise. Which we may do in the future, but this year, we spoiled the heck out of Jordan. Mostly because it was a good year for us and we could and I know they'll be years when we can't. I just wanted to. It was the first year she was really into it and it was a lot of fun. And next year and every year after, our budget will be half on her and half on Hayden, so she'll get far less from here on out.

Okay, I'm rambling now. So here's some bike pictures. These were all taken on Christmas morning..she's gotten REALLY good at riding it and steering it...I need to take some newer pictures of her on it. She rides it ALL over the's quite funny.

I hope everyone is having a great week...tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


Jessica said...

Super cute Dora helmet! Go, Jordan, go!! : )

Justin and Jenn said...

I found your blog through Suzette's! We both live in NWA! I saw your work Christmas party pics & (I may be wrong)...but it looks like the exact building that I work in! Do you work in Springdale?

Justin and Jenn said...

Wow...that is a small world! I may just run into some day!

Lori S said...

That helmet kills me! I believe Santa is something you do FOR your kids, like our parents did for us. Don't you remember getting up on Christmas morning and running down to see what Santa brought? The fondest memories of Christmas (as a small child) were baking Santa's cookies and sitting out carrots for the reindeer. Let kids be kids and have fun. They grow up way too fast these days and quit believing in anything, sadly.

The Hickman's said...

I cannot believe she can ride a bike- she is getting so big!! I am sooooo glad to see that she is wearing a helmet! Adorable!

Kim said...

What a big girl!!