Monday, January 12, 2009


This is my 400th post. Crazy.


I don't have much to post on. Just been taking it pretty easy lately.

Hayden is doing great. He's getting so big. There will be no pictures of him in this post though, because I've been horrible at taking them since I went back to work. I will take some soon though!

So, with Jordan I used Avent bottles. Mostly because I knew people who used them and I read that they were supposed to be good. Jordan did fine with them.

So I was going to use them again with Hayden. Only, he doesn't do so good with them. First of all, almost nothing makes into his mouth, because he lets so much fall out, and it's really messy and soaks anything he's wearing and the burn cloth. Second of all, he would spit up quite a bit, nothing compared to Jordan, but still more than I'd like.

So I decided to try Dr. Brown's bottles, because I'd heard they were good and helped with gas and spit up. Let me just say, Hayden does great with them and I think they really make a big difference with the spit up and gas. I'm a fan. They're rather expensive, but I think they're worth it! I wish I had tried them with Jordan, she had terrible spit up issues. All well, live and learn I guess!

Hayden is growing so much. We moved to size 2 diapers and he's in most of his 3-6 month clothes! I forget how fast they change. He's so responsive and just getting really interactive and fun. He's really close to laughing I think. I don't think Jordan laughed till about 4 months, but he tries real hard sometimes to laugh!

In Jordan news, I'd say she's pretty much potty trained! We started for real on Friday. She wet her big girl panties all day on Friday and twice first thing Saturday morning and that is the last time! She's been in panties since and hasn't had any accidents! Yay Jordan!!

We are using a potty chair and she's still a little leary of the big potty, but I think she'll transition to that pretty easily soon. Once we really started it, it was much easier than I thought it would be. She was ready, and I know that helped.

Here's a few shots of her that BJ took a couple weeks ago. I picked up this cute Cheer outfit at a consignment sale last Fall, and she looks precious in it! Note she's on her bike...where she is most of the time!


Kim said...

Way to go Jordan!! We are slowly introducing Dagan to the potty. Actually right now he running around completely naked because he is suppose to be sitting on the potty! Good Luck :)

Suzette said...

Wow! 400!!! That's incredible! I'm at um, 95.. haha..

Those pics are precious, what a cute little cheerleader!

The Hickman's said...

Yea for Jordan- that was fast!!

Karen Barnes said...

Good job Jordan. She does look like a big girl on that wonderful new bike. Jessica loved her tricycle when she was young she would even ride it in the house when it was winter out side, ha!!!

Jessica said...

Woa, Bessie!! Potty trained?? That is awesome. I'm so happy for her. And Hayden is quite a big boy, growing into size two diapers! : )

Tonette said...

I have tons of Dr. Browns bottles i would be willing to sell to ya. I only used them a handful of times with my first. You can contact me if you want to.

Amanda said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, and I wanted to say hi! I love the blog background and header. Very Cute!

That's really exciting that Jordan is potty trained! It makes a big difference when you only have one in diapers instead of two! :-)

Brittney said...

I cannot believe how much Hayden looks like you in your header picture--identical! So adorable!