Friday, January 23, 2009


Thanks for your questions!

I'm going to answer them now, but if any of you EVER have any questions you want to ask me, feel free to ask!

Jessica said...
Okay... here is a question for you...What is your biggest pet peeve?

I think my BIGGEST pet peeve has to do with driving. You know when there are two lanes and the right lane is ending, and so you have to merge over to the left lane? If you're from around here, this happens on the interstate when you're coming from the North, going South, just before the 112 exit.

Well, I ABSOLUTELY detest it when people jump over to the right lane and SPEED up trying to get ahead of all the cars lining up in the left lane like they're supposed to. THEN they try to get someone to let them over at the last second.

Which I NEVER EVER do. Isn't that terrible?!

Margo said...
What is your favorite meal/restaurant?

Tough one! I love me some good ol' home cookin! I love roast, with all the fixin's. I really love food though, so to say I have A favorite meal, isn't really accurate. lol

My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. I love their shrimp scampi and I love the biscuits.

Amanda said...
What is your favorite color? AND Where did you graduate high school?

My favorite color is probably Red. I buy a lot of red clothes. In home decor stuff, I like a little red, mixed with earthy tones. But me and red, go way back.

I graduated from Farmington High School. Class of 2000 baby! Ten years is just around the corner! ahhhhhhh

Brittney said...
Ok, I have two--Has it been hard transitioning from 1 child to 2? How is work going?

Transitioning from 1 child to 2 has not been NEARLY has hard as I imagined it would be. Don't get me wrong, the first couple of weeks were really hard. But after that it got much easier.

I don't know if Hayden is an easier baby than Jordan (who was pretty easy) or if it's just because it's not brand new and I've done it before, but it seems easier with H. And J has adjusted VERY well. Settling into a routine is tougher with 2 than with 1, but once we were in somewhat of a routine it was much easier.

Also, I have the best husband a girl could ask for, and he's a tremendous help. He does so much and is very involved. I tell him, almost daily, that he is a better dad than I am a mom. He's really wonderful. He gets up with Hayden at night, almost exclusively. He is truly awesome. I could never do it without him.

And Work. Work is going very well. I think the break did me very well. I'm also very thankful right now to have a job. In a time where not all are so lucky, I'm trying to be thankful everyday that I GET to get up and go to work and help support my family. But I also feel very refreshed and God has given me a peace about where I am right now. I have listened to Him and I'm okay staying here until He moves me. If that is a few more years, I'm okay with that.

I know I'll have bad days, but I'm really trying to focus on NOT getting stressed and just doing my best. But overall, it's been good to be back.

Tasha said...
Do you have a specific brand of clothing that you love?? What type of movies do you like... and what would be your perfect date night?

Well, being a plus size girl, my clothing options are somewhat limited. Lane Bryant is a store I love, but unless it's on sale, you won't see me carrying out it out of the store. Old Navy now carries plus size clothing, but you can only buy it online, which I do love to shop online, but it can be hard when you get it and it doesn't fit. I'm really bad about sending stuff back that doesn't fit.

I love Old Navy the best. Lane Bryant is good for dresser clothes, but Old Navy is good for everyday casual wear, which I prefer ;-)

I love romantic comedy's, but I do like a good action/suspense film from time to time. 7 pounds was an EXCELLENT flick.

Perfect date night? hmmmm Just spending some uninterrupted time with by hubs. It's scarce these days, lol. We're actually have 2 date nights this weekend. Thanks to both sets of G'rents. We're seeing Drumline tonight at the WAC and tomorrow we're going to a friends birthday party. Should be a fun weekend!

The Middlecamps said...
How can you tell how many people are looking at your blog?

There are lots of different places you can get a site counter from, but I use

Catherine said...
How did you first get interested in photography? and How old were you when you and BJ got married?

Well, I've always had an interest in photography. Well, pictures that is. I have always loved to take them and have them. When I was in college I thought I would take a photography class, but I never did. When Jordan was born, I was just disgusted by the price of professional photography. I really wanted good photos of her, but just really couldn't afford it. So I started messing around and my mother in law got a fancy new camera and so then I got one too, and from there I've just sort of messed around a lot and read a lot and tried my hand at it.

It's not something I profess to be a professional at, because I am not. But it is something I really love and something I think I'm not too bad at. I try to give people great pictures and a really fair price, because it can just get ridiculous when you start having professional photos done.

BJ and I married on Aug. 21, 2004. I had been 22 for one month. I remember when we went and got our marriage license that I was really glad we waited until after my birthday, because they put your age on there. I was 22 and he was 23.

That was fun, I think you all should do it!!!



Jessica said...

Are you blogging at work? Shame on you! : )

Have a blast tonight at the movies-eat some greasy nachos for me! Love you!

Suzette said...

I How fun! I enjoyed learning more about you!

davidcatherinewilson said...

thanks for letting us get to know ya more- also , don't forget to put your blogs by brandy thingy on my card blog!