Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Birthday Stuff!

When I posted about her party, I didn't post nearly all the pictures, but felt like I was posting so many already. Really, the things I left out were a lot of the opening presents pictures. Lots of those didn't turn out great, because she was sort of all over the place and I wasn't taking pictures, I was having to wrangle her and try to keep her on task!!

But, I wanted to tell about everything that she got, because she got such great stuff and everyone was so great to her!!

Some of this will be a repeat, but I wanted this list to be complete, so here goes:

Joshua: Pink Toggle Coat
Gabe: All about you book
Jayce: Dora Backback
David & Jessica: Cute pink phone
Ms. Helen: Big Diego
Brylei & Brooklyn: Big pillow to match her room (pics below)
Mom & Dad: the party, diego rescue pack, dora hat and gloves, bunny slippers, and 2 dora puzzles.
Mema & Papa: Motorized 4-wheeler
G'ma, G'pa, & Uncle Tony: Big dora, dora hoodie, pants, and Dora houseshoes
Nana, Granddad, and Uncle Kyle: Big Dora Couch, super soft Dora blanket

I am sure I'm forgetting something, I hope not, but I probably am.

As I mentioned before, the girl is a Dora junkie! She watches 1-2 episodes of Dora every morning while I'm getting ready for work. She used to do this in the floor in the living room. Now, she chill-axes in her Dora couch with her Dora blanket to do this!

It's a toss up who loves the couch more, Jordan or our cat, Colby. He lays in it quite and bit and when Jordan goes over to it when he's in it, he growls, like it's his bed or something.

Anyway, here's J playing in her Dora couch. It folds down into a bed and it has a built in sleeping bag, which I thought was pretty neat, I'd never seen them with a sleeping bag attached.

Big thanks to Nana and Grandad & Uncle Kyle--whose picture I didn't get at the party, because I am not a good multi-tasker apparently, and failed to get lots of pictures I should have. At any rate, she loves it!!

Our friend and neighbor, Geneva, came over tonight to bring Jordan her birthday present from her and her girls, Brylei and Brooklyn. She found this GREAT pillow (it's really a dog bed) at TJ matches her room PERFECTLY!! It is almost an exact match to her bedding. I'm so glad she found it, it's just so perfect!!

I had toyed with getting a bean bag for her room, but this is much better!!

So, she got a big load of stuff, and I know she feels so loved!! Thank you everyone!!

I played my monthly game of bunco tonight and the girls got me some cute stuff for Hayden, and I can't wait to show you--tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to bed. Although, I'm sure I'll be up 5-8 times to pee. I'm really ready for him to be here!!! (FOUR MORE WEEKS). I see the Dr. on Friday, and I'm gonna ask to move the date up to (TWO WEEKS FROM FRIDAY--I should measure 40 weeks that week!)

We'll see what she says ;-)

Hope everyone had a good hump day!


Jessica said...

First of all, that dog bed is A-Dor-A-Ble!!! It looks great in her room. Lastly, is Jordan a morning person?? She looks so awake and happy! Maybe she is not like me after all! : ) Ha, ha!

Kim said...

Cute pillow! Hang in there! Your beautiful little boy will be here before you know it!

Nancy M. said...

Very cool presents. Great pictures!