Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jordan's Party!!!

We had Jordan's party on Sunday...We decided to go all out for this party. Mainly because she's about to have to share everything with her brother. This was basically the last time it would all be about her. I really wanted her to have a great party because she's in for a big change. Her absolute most favorite thing to do in all the world is to jump or bounce. The girl can jump for hours. We have a trampoline and she frequents it. She will also jump off the couch, off her stools, off beds, whatever we will let her get away will, the girl loves to jump.

So, we thought it was only fitting that she had a bouncy castle birthday!! It might have been a little over-board, but I have a friend that rents these, and I got 1/2 off, so I thought, what the heck! She'll love it and I really wanted it to be something wonderful for her.

Here's the party invitation that I made. I thought it turned out cute.

Here's the bouncy castle! Big thanks to Jessica for taking this picture, because in the hustle and bustle, I didn't get a shot of the castle, so I'm so glad she did! Isn't it cute!

Here's J relaxing outside the castle...

This cute boy is Gabe. He's the son of a good friend of mine. I am really in love with this picture. I think the colors are neat...

Jordan and her friend Joshua jumping away!

The adorable birthday girl!!!

Moody little thing...lol


Her cake!! I really loved the way it turned out.

I think J did too!!

She really loved putting her finger in the icing and licking it off!!!

I just love this little giggle face!

Jordan and Jayce! Jayce and her momma stayed with us this weekend, they live out of town so it is always wonderful to see them!! Jordan and Jayce had a blast playing together all weekend!!!


Joshua gave Jordan this ADORABLE toggle coat!! I can't wait till it's cold enough to wear!!!

G'ma and G'pa got her a BIG Dora....in case you don't know, the girl is a Dora junkie!

I think she likes it!!!

Gabe got her a sweet little book and she immediately sat down and said "I read." Precious. She loves to read, and I'm so glad!!

Mema and Papa got her this great 4 wheeler!! Now she can ride her own, just like G'pa! She loves to ride on G'pa's, so this was perfect for her!!! Doesn't she look half-grown here!!

Me & Jessica, and Hayden and Harbor. We're both about ready to go! Just a few more weeks!

David and Jessica--it was so sweet of them to come, even though they don't have kids yet! Thanks guys, Jordan literally hasn't put the phone down!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures!! I think everyone had a good time. I was a little distracted and overwhelmed, and didn't take as many good pictures as I'd liked, but I think the event was well documented!


Jessica said...

The party was so fun- I had a hotdog AND a hamburger! Ha, ha! I took a ton of pics- I will try to get them to you. Maybe if we're instant messaging this week, we can photoshare.

Love and hugs!

P.S.- Glad Jordan loves the phone. A girl can never start too soon. : )

ashleydiggs said...

Aw it looks like it was a blast! I wish we were closer because I would've loved to been there and so would've G!!!!

Scott and Magevney said...

So precious! It looks like Jordan had a wonderful time.

Christy said...

How fun!!! Looks like she had a blast. Sorry we missed it!!

The Holloway Family said...

I hate that we didn't make it--looks like such a fun party! She's such a beautiful little girl! Brooklynn is also a HUGE Dora fan. Where did they find that Dora?

Kim said...

Looks like she had a wonderful party! I love the cake! Cute colors. You and Jessica look adorable in your picture together.

The Hickman's said...

Oh, I hate that we missed it- I know that Zayde would have had a blast! I'm so glad that Jordan had a great party and had so much fun! Her crown looks sooo cute. =)

Amanda said...

Hey Brandy! I thought about you guys Sunday while we were having Amos' birthday! It looks like she had a wonderful day. I LOVE the cake!! VERY, VERY cute!!!!

Thanks for inviting me to come onto your blog. I hate it that some people are nasty. I'm so sorry.

Oh, one more thing.... I think I past you the other day and you waved, but I didn't. Sorry!!!! It didn't dawn on me that it was you until we passed each other. Anyway, sorry about that!

Hope you guys are having a great week! :-)

Nancy M. said...

Wow! I know she had a great birthday. It's great you were able to get the bouncy thing for cheap. I know she loved it. She's such a beautiful little girl!

Meredith said...

How adorable is that bouncer and cake?! Not to mention the bday girl. Looks like everyone had a great time.