Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

It seems like the older she has gotten the less I take pictures of her sleeping. When she as a baby, I took sleeping pictures all the time. Because, well, because there is almost nothing as sweet as a sleeping baby.

She's still a sweet sleeping baby---and I snapped this a few days ago during her nap.

Sometimes I look at her and wonder if she has any idea how big her world is about to change. I really think she is going to do great with a new baby, but I know that it will be an adjustment.

We're less than 7 weeks out until Baby Hayden arrives. I'm starting to really freak out about it! I am so not ready. We haven't started on his room. We're still working on paiting Jordan's furniture. It's been so wet and rainy we haven't gotten much done on that.

I am working late almost every night trying to get my cases closed out before I go on leave. I have 6 more weeks of work and I will still be getting new cases for the next two weeks, so I have a lot of work to do to clear my workload in that time, which is really stressful to me right now.

We went to the big Rhea Lana's consignment sale last week. I had big plans to outfit Jordan for the winter and get Hayden stuff for his first several months. I am usually really good to stock up over the summer at yard sales, but for some reason, this year I didn't do too much yard saling. I was too tired to get up early I guess. So Jordan had NO winter clothes and Hayden had just a few things. Anyway, we were able to get a lot of great clothes for the kids (man that sounds weird) at a great price!

There really hasn't been much else going on. Jordan turns TWO in two weeks. I can't even believe it. In some ways she seems way older than that to me and in other ways I still feel like she should be a baby.

She is just so smart. The other night she was in her room getting her PJ's on and she starting counting. In Spanish! She has been able to count to 10 in English for a while now...well 11 really. But we didn't know she could count in Spanish. She can get to 5 in Spanish---which I think is pretty cool. She must have picked this up from Dora, because it wasn't something we worked on until we heard her, and now we are trying to get to 10!

She'll be in high school before I know it...time has just flown by!

Here's some more cute shots of my girl...

I have nothing really going on to write about, so I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!

OH MY GOSH--I almost forgot, and I don't know how that is possible! BUT, I purchased my REBA concert tickets yesturday!!!!!!!! So, I'm really going!!! So exciting!! Can't wait!!


Kim said...

How exciting that you are going to the Reba concert! You will have a blast! Koy learned to count in Spanish off of Dora and Deigo also. It is so funny how kids pick things up!!

Jamie said...

Glad you were able to get the Reba tickets. I was wondering if you decided to go.

Hope things settle down at work and that you are able to finish all your "to dos" in the next few weeks.

It's me Suzette! said...

I love the precious pics of Jordan! She seriously is so beautiful!

The Keylors said...

She is so sweet! I love sleeping pictures too. : )

Karen Barnes said...

Jordan is such a pretty girl, she will be a knot-out when she is in high school.And yes, it will be here before you know it. Looks like Dora is quite educational. Thats great she picked that counting in spanish up. Good luck with your job & all that you have to get done before Hayden arrives. You will always be glad that you made it to Reba's concert. Best wishes..KBarnes

Nancy M. said...

She's so beautiful! They do grow fast. I bet she'll be a great big sister.

I'm glad you are going to be able to go to the concert.

Jessica said...

Jordan look like an angel in that last picture- just glowing!!!

The Hickman's said...

I'm back!! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog. I feel like I've missed so much!

Meredith said...

I love the sleeping pictures. There is just something so precious and innocent about a sleeping child.