Friday, September 05, 2008

My first born...

I've been wondering a lot lately what Hayden is going to look like. Will he have blonde hair? I never even thought for ONE SECOND that Jordan could have blonde hair. I just knew my dark hair would dominate and I'd have all dark headed babies. I was pleasantly surprised when J had blonde hair and it stayed!!

The curls I hoped for! I don't know if I want my boy to have curls or not. I know BJ doesn't like that his hair is curly and I can see for a boy how that might not be so great. But I know it'd be cute while he was a kid!

The dimples I hoped for too! Basically, J came out looking NOTHING like me and EVERYTHING like her daddy! So, I wonder if Hayden will look anything like me or if he'll favor BJ or what his little features will be!

I go back to the doctor today---if I'm still measuring ahead, I'll be measuring 32 weeks. So, we'll see what she says. I'm hoping she does one more ultrasound before he gets here. I can tell he's gotten a lot bigger in the last 2 weeks because I can feel him moving a lot higher than before. I think he's also moving positions quite a bit these days.

Yesturday I got a lot of "wave" movements instead of swift kicks--it was like he was stretching or something---I'm sure it's getting cramped in there.

I was lying awake this morning thinking about how in just a few short weeks I'm going to be a mom of 2!

Jordan hasn't been around any babies, because no one I know has one right now. Well, last night we went to watch BJ bowl and one of his bowling friends had a baby a few months ago. His wife brought her out and Jordan just watched her with this sort of stunned look on her face. Her grandpa held the baby for a minute and I don't know how she felt about that. She was just sort of staring with a blank look on her face.

So, it should be interesting when Baby Hayden gets here!

I took these photos last month but for some reason never blogged them. So, since I'm light on blogging material these days, here's a couple shots of my blonde-headed, blue eyed, dimpled first born!

(ps. I sure hope Hayden is cute, if not, he's gonna get a complex bc his sister is a KNOCK OUT!!)


Jessica said...

Hayden will be gorgeous too! I'm sure of it! : )

The Hickman's said...

I remember thinking all those things! He is going to be absolutely adorable!!

LoriS said...

Those eyes kill me. She is seriously gorgeous. If Hayden looks anything like J, then he will be a lady killer.

It's me Suzette! said...

I love this post! It's amazing to think of your little one growing inside you! I am sure he is going to be absolutely precious! I see a lot of you in J in the middle picture! She is absolutely beautiful! Wow! I can't believe you're just a few weeks away! Can't wait to see all of the pics to come!

Kim said...

She is beautiful!! And I know Hayden will be also! I love her curls!!

The Holloway Family said...

I'm sure he will be absolutely adorable!!! I wonder the same thing though. The thing I REALLY worry about is if we have another girl--it would be hard growing up with such a pretty big sister! :)