Sunday, September 07, 2008

Finger Painting...

A few weeks ago I attempted to paint a canvas. There is not a picture of the canvas for a reason...let's just say I'm no painter. Gonna try another go at it but not right now, lol.

Jordan wanted to help me paint! This is her on a Saturday morning--note the CRAZY bed hair!!!

On another note, Jordan did the CRAZIEST thing today. Early this afternoon, she was playing and went to the back of the house, towards her bedroom. It got real quiet and after a couple minutes I hollared "J, what are you doing?" She replied back "I playing." I said "where are you playing?" She said "I go night night."

I think we have an easier time than most parents at bedtime because Jordan goes pretty easily, but it is still a chore. She will say she is going night night when she puts a pacifier in her mouth because she knows she can only have at night time.

At any rate, I get up to sneak down the hall to see what she is really doing. And I see her little feet at the end of her bed....and I I walked back to the living room and waited for her to get up and run in there. She never did.

A few minutes later I went to check on her and she was snoozing away. She must have been really tired. She has NEVER done anything like this. I thought it was so cute.

We've had a pretty low key weekend, okay, a really low key weekend. We've done nothing. It's been great. Jordan and I have not been feeling well. I have some head cold/allergey, sinus infection thing that is about to knock me out. I have been taking tylenol and sudafed, the only things I can take, and it's not doing much...if anything. I think I'm gonna have to call the doctor tomorrow and see if there is something else that I can have. I'm miserable.

Jordan has been taking benedryl and she doesn't seem as miserable as me, but we've been using her vaporizer with the vicks medicine in it at night.

At any rate, hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great start to a new week!!


Jill said...

Thanks for the prayers girl, we need them. Love the painting pics and hope you feel better soon. I know you are miserable.

Jessica said...

Jordan is a good sleeper!! So glad she went night-night!

K.Barnes said...

Sounds like Jordan is growing up & putting herself to sleep. Another mile stone, it might not happen again for along time but thats great when they can do that. Makes just alittle free time for mommy/daddy. Super cute pictures of Jordan painting. Best wishes, K.Barnes

ashleydiggs said...

WORD up for lil miss picasso!

Nancy M. said...

She's adorable in those pictures! Hope you both feel better now.

The Holloway Family said...

I like her messy bed hair!! Brooklynn has asked to go to bed a few times, but most of the time it's a fight! You're very blessed if she's a good sleeper!

Jamie said...

Just wanted to say "hi". I have been behind on blogging for a while.

Hope you are doing well.