Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Throwback Thursday--Hair Edition...

I've had some you already's some of the many hairstylings of me.

4th grade

5th grade...
look at that nest! I probably spent upward of an hour and bottle of hairspray on it!

6th grade

8th grade

9th grade...don't ask me what I was thinking!

10th grade

As you can see, for many years, I had a major bang problem...oh who am I kidding, it was an overall hair problem. I really don't know what I was thinking for many of them. I guess what's important is that I finally got it under control?!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

You are one brave woman! At least you can laugh about it now. Your hair is so beautiful- I love your style now. :)

Jessica said...

My favorite was the 6th grade shot! : ) Your freckles are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I too like the 6th grade hair style the best. Your school pics are so diverse. In mine the only variations are curly hair until I found out I could straighten it in the tenth grade. :+) I think no matter what style (okay maybe not the mullet) you hair is great.
karen b.