Sunday, September 23, 2007

I won another photo contest!

I just got an e mail from a friend of mine that she read my name as the winner of a photo contest. I hadn't been notified, and I was so excited to hear I had won.

Here is a blurb from the article...

"For Release: September 14, 2007
FAYETTEVILLE, AR - The Fayetteville in Bloom committee is proud to announce the winners of the July and August 2007 Photo Contests. The July winner is Jen Cole and the August winner is Brandy Foshe. The winning entries were chosen September 11, 2007 by the Fayetteville in Bloom committee. Each winning entry will be featured in fundraising products and publicity posters to be displayed at various locations. "

Anyway, this is the winning was taken last April at the Inn at Carnall Hall on the UofA Campus.


Jessica said...

Why am I not surprised?? Because you are a whiz with that camera!! I want you to come take shots of our house. : )

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Beautiful!! I love pictures like that.

P.S. Look for "Throwback Thursday" this week.:)

Margo said...

I saved the newspaper articles for you!

Jessica said...

Open House pics are up just for you!